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The Element of Fire in the Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are made up of four different elements. There is fire, air, water, and earth within the elements that exist. The most powerful of these elements are the fire signs. Fire signs include the zodiac signs of Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries.


The element of fire is used to describe these signs for many reasons. These signs are all powerful, unpredictable, passionate, brave, loyal, and honest. When fire burns you never know where it is going to go, how big it is going to get, or how to put it out. This is the same with fire signs in the zodiac. These signs can be unpredictable and very hard to contain.

Fire signs have many positive traits. People under this element are natural leaders. They are confident and know exactly what to do in order to take charge of situations. You can find people of fire signs in very high positions within companies because they know how to give orders.

Fire signs have a large range of traits because they are like fire and fire is many things. There is a mystery to fire that comes with not knowing exactly what it can do. This mystery lies with Leos, Sagittarius, and Aries. People born under these signs are hard to predict and mysterious in that way.

When dating a fire sign it is important to know what to expect. A fire sign is going to come with extreme amounts of passion. Be ready for a passionate lover that will be attentive to your needs. Fire signs are also great lovers because they add an element of adventure to the relationship. Fire signs hate to be bored so they are always finding new fun things to do. Fire signs are also usually very generous.