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Creating Your Own Funny Picture Jokes

If you’ve ever spent any time at all on social media, you’ve most likely seen those funny pictures, called memes, of animals and even humans in weird situations, with misspelled captions. Sure, they’re definitely funny jokes for kids on this website– but is it possible for you to create your own jokes with pictures? The truth is that humor is basically the art of being able to carefully observe what’s going on.

Start by taking pictures of humans and animals interacting and animals interacting with other animals. These settings can be domestic, such as zoos and parks or even great outdoors. Interactions between animals of two different species can make great jokes. The more you take time to learn about and develop your intuition about behavior of animals, the easier you will be able to find situations filled with humor.

Take some time to learn how to anthromorphize behavior of animals. Pay attention to the facial expressions and body language of animals that are similar to those of humans. These can include discontent, surprise, frustration, jealousy, and so much more. Try matching this emotion to a human situation such as jealousy between two lovers, a disappointment, or even a desire to build a friendship.

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Start writing out some short sentences that will scan like a catchphrase. These are typically in the form of a question and will convey to the reader a feeling of anxiety, affection, or helplessness that is projected upon the animal.

Take some time to look around you and pay attention to the interactions of animals with humans, animals with other animals and even humans with other humans. You can find humor and funny jokes in just about every situation that you see. Before long, you’ll easily be able to start creating your very own funny memes to post online.